Ruby + Linux (Redhat 9) + Rails + Redmine success

I have a very old server running on Redhat 9. I prefer Redhat 9 for my internal development server since it provides the stability, and I managed to get 99% server uptime for my year end review.
This server has been installed :

1. Apache 2.2 2. Jdk 1.6 3. Tomcat 5 4. Php 5 , with latest libxml

I manage to install the latest Ruby 1.8.6 and Rails. I will share the step by step to install it.

For info, i have installed Ruby 1.9 in the server but it cannot support Redmine. Therefore i have to uninstall it the hard way.

I will share the steps soon.


Ruby + Rails + Windows + Installation

Some of you out there may find installing ruby and rails are easy. But not some of us like me.Currently I installed ruby on my TOSHIBA laptop running on Windows XP, and to access the internet I have to use proxy.

Thanks to Michael Wales for providing very good step by step tutorial. My part here is just to explain more

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