Timeout in Axis2 Web Services Client

This is how we set timeout when we call a web services.

public static void main(String[] args) {
MyTimeoutSampleMainmain = new MyTimeoutSampleMain();
try {
MyTimeoutSampleStub stub = new MyTimeoutSampleStub(“http://xxxxx/webservices”);
long soTimeout = 2 * 60 * 1000; //2 minutes
soTimeout = 2 * 1000;


catch (AxisFault ex) {


Apache and backing up access log

I’ve search the www and at last i found a tool to rotate my Apache access.log and error.log
I use
Cronolog from http://cronolog.org/ , it is a free tool to use and easy to setup.

This cronolog is tested and run on Windows

  • download the installer from http://cronolog.org/download/cronolog-1.6.1-win32.zip
  • extract it to somewhere , mine is C:/cronolog/ and you can find
    • cronolog.exe
    • other stuffs
  • Go to your Apache conf httpd.conf and find your access logfile , you will see CustomLog C:/apache/logs/access.log common
  • Turn off the line and add this line TransferLog “|C:/cronolog/cronlog.exe C:/apache/logs/access.%Y%m%d.log”
  • Restart apache and your new access.log file will be created with access.20090709.log
  • Next step, you can backup your access log for old logs.