Having Apache + PHP + MySQL on Fedora 17 Guest on VirtualBox for Mac OSX Lion

Coming soon. The end result will be

  1. web server and db server will be on guest virtual
  2. PHP IDE will be in Host
  3. Access web server and db server via host

Timeout in Axis2 Web Services Client

This is how we set timeout when we call a web services.

public static void main(String[] args) {
MyTimeoutSampleMainmain = new MyTimeoutSampleMain();
try {
MyTimeoutSampleStub stub = new MyTimeoutSampleStub(“http://xxxxx/webservices”);
long soTimeout = 2 * 60 * 1000; //2 minutes
soTimeout = 2 * 1000;


catch (AxisFault ex) {


Apache and backing up access log

I’ve search the www and at last i found a tool to rotate my Apache access.log and error.log
I use
Cronolog from http://cronolog.org/ , it is a free tool to use and easy to setup.

This cronolog is tested and run on Windows

  • download the installer from http://cronolog.org/download/cronolog-1.6.1-win32.zip
  • extract it to somewhere , mine is C:/cronolog/ and you can find
    • cronolog.exe
    • other stuffs
  • Go to your Apache conf httpd.conf and find your access logfile , you will see CustomLog C:/apache/logs/access.log common
  • Turn off the line and add this line TransferLog “|C:/cronolog/cronlog.exe C:/apache/logs/access.%Y%m%d.log”
  • Restart apache and your new access.log file will be created with access.20090709.log
  • Next step, you can backup your access log for old logs.