Oracle Service Bus : Installation Guidelines on Windows XP 32Bit ( Under Construction )

PreRequisites Installer

  1. Oracle WebLogic Server 11gR1 (10.3.6) + Coherence + OEPE = oepe-wls-indigo-installer-
  2. Oracle Service Bus =
  3. Oracle Database 11G = and

Minimum Hardware / VirtualBox instance Setup

  • at least 3G Ram
  • 30Gb HDD


  1. A single WebLogic domain with 1 Admin Server and a Managed Server
  2. Admin Server runs on port 7001
  3. OSB which will be the managed server runs on 8011

Im going to install it on VirtualBox where the host is Mac OS X 10.7.5 and the guest is Windows XP SP2. Based on above downloaded software, we are running the development environment on Windows XP 32-Bit. This is a CLEAN and FRESH windows installation with no JDK Install. I only installed winrar and crimson-editor


  • prepare the Windows XP to run on Virtual Box
  • prepare all software on downloaded in Windows XP. It is recommended to to unzip the software in Mac. Place it all in Windows XP
  • All downloaded software in 1 folder

    All downloaded software in 1 folder

Installing Oracle Database 11GR2

  • Create a folder call OracleDatabase11GR2
  • using the winrar, unzip and into OracleDatabase11GR2
  • Go to OracleDatabase11GR2/database/
  • Click setup.exe
  • 2
  • Continue installation until reached this page
  • 1314
  • Your Enterprise Manager Database Control web can be accessed at http://localhost:1158/em
  • Click close to exit the installation

Installing Oracle WebLogic 10.3.6 bundled with jdk6 and Eclipse

  • Double click oepe-wls-indigo-installer- to run
  • 15
  • hjhj

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